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Kim Ha Campbell Motivational, Informational and Inspirational
Speaker & Trainer

Motivational, Informational & Inspirational Speaker & Trainer Kim Ha Campbell mixes authenticity with authority, as she showcases proof of concept examples through real life experiences.

This allows her to deliver motivation and inspiration with applicable information that can benefit the widest array of people and the most extensive array of dreams.

Kim Ha Campbell provides Motivation with Information, Inspiration with Direction and coaching that empowers as it educates.

This allows her clients, her listeners, her readers and her fans to walk away stronger and be able to walk that much further on their own.

Kim Ha Campbell simultaneously teaches her audiences as she helps them learn how to teach themselves to create and connect with the Inner Peace and Outer Abundance that is possible for every single person.

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Inner Peace Outer Abundance

by Kim Ha Campbell

Inner Peace Outer Abundance is delivering the best steps and mapping the clearest routes to help yourself, your business sense, and your dreams.

From The BEACH Success System to discussing how she broke through her fears to live a loving life filled with happiness, fun, and abundance, Kim Ha Campbell leads by following her own message.

Inner Peace Outer Abundance serves as a guide suited for every person, in every situation, at any stage in their life.

In this book, Kim Ha Campbell covers motivation and inspiration with applicable information that can benefit the widest array of people and the most extensive array of dreams.

Kim shares her words, wisdom and experiences covering:

The true sense of an authentic story that inspires authority.

A woman who found strength, independence, clarity, and conviction.

The factual history of her numerous successes and how she approached them

The best ways for each personality and each individual to approach and achieve goals.

A way to begin forward motion to create the momentum and endurance that dreams require.

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The BEACH Success System

Beliefs, Energies, Acceptance, Choices, & HeroThe BEACH acronym is the abbreviation of
Beliefs, Energies, Acceptance, Choices & Hero

What are your beliefs? This is the moment to examine and explore them. When you ask why people don’t have what they want in their lives, the most common answer is fundamental beliefs.

After you have aligned your beliefs with who you are and what your inner child is asking for, and have set out to become who you want to be, it’s time to harness the appropriate energies to take action toward your dreams.

Accept everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whatever hand you’re dealt, accept it. Acceptance of the negative and positive is the step that will help regenerate more positive energies.

No matter what situation you’re in, you always have choices. We all have challenges, obstacles, roadblocks or whatever you want to call them. Everything is perspective and perception. Every conscious and knowing being has choices.

The hero that is inside of every one of us has no fear and has love and hunger to fulfill all our heart’s desires. The hero is the one that makes things happen by listening to our inner child and putting feelings into motion to achieve our desires, needs, and dreams.

Beliefs, energies, acceptance, choices, and hero all have to work together to allow you to have Inner Peace Outer Abundance and resolve the issues or problems that you want removed from your life.

By applying, practicing and repeating each part of The BEACH Success System for yourself, finding your own path to Inner Peace Outer Abundance will become clearer every day and every moment. The more you practice The BEACH Success System and each time you revisit the system with any of your current challenges, your desired results will show themselves faster.

More about the BEACH Success System can be found in Inner Peace Outer Abundance.






“A debut autobiography counterbalances the author’s difficult adolescence in Vietnam and Texas with her successful later career as an entrepreneur.

…Campbell comes across as compassionate in her aim of trying to help readers reconnect with their inner child and achieve contentment in life.

…the book’s bold headings, short paragraphs, and italicized pull quotes help to make this a very accessible memoir.”


“Though there are no easy answers or quick fixes here, the book offers an opportunity to start moving toward self- actualization and a better life. Inner Peace Outer Abundance by Kim Ha Campbell is an insightful book that explains how one woman created the life she wanted for herself, and how anyone else can do the same. The author’s story is unique, even extraordinary, but the lessons she learned along the way are relevant to everyone. The book is clearly written and logically organized.

The book includes several relevant examples and scenarios to illuminate the lessons. It focuses on the idea that each person must determine what both peace and abundance mean for them, and offers a series of questions to help identify what is important in life. Discussions of the inner child and the ego will aid in recognizing personal dreams and fears that can prevent success. There is no judgment offered in terms of what is a worthwhile desire, but rather encouragement to accept those desires as a positive step toward fulfillment.

Inner Peace Outer Abundance is a thoughtful book full of wisdom gained through personal experience. Though there are no easy answers or quick fixes, it offers an opportunity to start moving toward self-actualization and a better life.”

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